Welcome to Camønogaarden in Moen: 

B&B, course centre and a refuge.

At Camønogaarden life is simple - outdoor and indoor life merge together. 

The courtyard is the heart of this place. 

Here you can cook over an open fire or in the pizza oven and 

find space for contemplation, laughter and playfulness. 

In the evening you can admire stunning sunsets from our front garden. 

Camønogaarden is close to nature and simple, and so are our rooms and decor.

You can rent the linens here or bing it yourself.

 The linens here are not pressed, they're left to air-dry in the wind. 

Our furniture in typical scandinavian style, it is cosy and rustic. 

Book your stay here:

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Select date and number of people

Select rooms and for example choose breakfast and bed linen / towel

When booking the Glamping tent there is a minimum of 2 nights stay, 

therefore apply after two consecutive dates in the booking system.

Once your booking has been made, you will receive a confirmation email.

We look forward to see you at Camønogaarden :-)